What is Router IP Address and How to use it?

Router IP Address
Router IP Address

Looking for what is Router IP Address and what is or IP address? Read this in-depth article.

Internet is a very powerful and sophisticated invention or tool which keeps you connected with the world. If you think that using the internet is very expensive in Smartphone, then you can use Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi needs a router which is used for establishing the Wi-Fi connection. So, users can use the internet on smartphones and tablet PCs without paying an extra charge. The Wi-Fi connection is better than any other wireless internet connection. You will feel comfortable using the Wi-Fi.

What is Router IP Address

The router configuration and settings are not very difficult if you follow the instruction of your manual. In every router and networking box, you will get the device, cables, paper with manual and other things for the router. You should maintain the router rules for setup the internet by following the instruction. In this case, for your router, you should read the instructions that have come with the device. From the router manual and other papers, the user needs to find out the default IP address, username, and password which are necessary for all of the router login. This article will help more to follow the instruction correctly.

Router IP Address
Router IP Address

Now, after buying the router, you have to set up the device and set up all of the settings internally. In the router box, you will get router, cables, and instructions (manual and papers). You should read all of those things if you configure the router and setup internet in the router. In the router, you have to set up other things which you need to set up for enabling the Wi-Fi connection. For internal settings and log in to the router, you need to use the default IP, username, and password. All of those things, you will need for login but the router IP address has some other uses.

What is IP address

It is not necessary that all of the routers use similar IP in all of the routers. If your router uses the IP address, then you need to use this IP for all of the purposes. You need to use a username and password with the IP address. You have to use a browser as a tool where you will use the default IP address on the browser address bar and press enter button. You can click on the go button from the browser. If everything is ok, then you will get an option or form where you need to use username and password. is used in the router by the manufacturer and this IP address can be changed when it is necessary. You should change the default IP address for the IP confliction problem and otherwise, you do not need to change it.

Router Login

Setting Up Router with IP Address

Some users think about router security, and it is very easy to set, but they think of changing the IP address, which is very difficult. But for securing the router, username and password are the main things which you need to change. Changing the default IP address is not required for the router security. You can secure the Wi-Fi in a different way, and this is why you need to log in to the router. It is a great idea if the user read the router manual first before taking any step.

How to Change the IP address of the Router?

In a network, when the IP address is used in multiple devices, then the IP address confliction error occurs and you need to change the IP for keep you away from this IP address confliction problem, and you have to change the IP address from all of the devices. Once it is changed from all of the devices, the Wi-Fi network will be enabled, and your internet connection will be swifter. You will enjoy the Wi-Fi internet.

Login to Router using or IP

For changing the default IP address, you need to find the IP what is used in the router. If you try to change the IP without following any rules, then the router will warn you.

Look at Private IP Addresses

The IP addresses from any class are followed by the IP address ranges and when you change the IP address, then you have to set up that IP address in the router. is taken from class C IP. In the class C IP address, the IP starts from the to

Now it is essential to know all about those things make an IP address fake. That IP address does not work if you add any things except numbers and dots. So, you cannot use anything from the letter, word, symbol, and sign. When you will try to use anything from letter, word, symbol, and sign, the device will not accept it. The device will show you an error message. In an IP address, you can put only three dots. You must not put dots more/less than 3 dots. The IP address is formed with correct and proper instruction.

Final Words

The router manual is very important and you can feel it when you need it in every step. In the router, you will get the default IP address, username, and password. Now you can log in to the router by following the instruction. You need to read this article and you will be faster to follow all of the instruction. However, you can take help from other websites like YouTube.com to get video instruction. You must not face any serious problem if you follow all the instruction carefully. Visit other blogs and websites to know more everything clearly.

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