How to ZyXel Router Login – Find Default User, Password, IP?

ZyXel Router Login
ZyXel Router Login

In the digital era we are living in, the cyber threats are a common thing. If you want to prevent your networking system from potential issues, you certainly need accurate information regarding eliminating these issues. Zyxel router is one of the most frequently used ones around the world. Please read the full post to know about the router login, finding default users, changing the password, and allocating internet protocol procedures and other details.

What is Zyxel Router Login?

Follow the instructions to login to your Zyxel Router.

Step 1. Connect the router cable to your computer or connect the wireless network as a matter of choice. We suggest using a wired connection to set up the router because it helps avoid an unexpected log while saving the changes.

Step 2. Open the web browser and type the IP address of your Zyxel router in the address bar.

Step 3. Enter the username and password of your router by attaining the admin panel. You can also try the default passwords for Zyxel routers to log in.

About Zyxel Router

Zyxel router is a broadband access device from ZyXel Communications Corporation. Zyxel is known for its unique internet access solution, and it provides high quality and exceptional performance.  Zyxel router offers the wireless speed up to 600 Mbps on its 2.4GHz wireless by utilizing a 4×4 antenna configuration and 40MHz channel width. The router can provide the wireless internet speed up to 1,733 Mbps by using a 4×4 antenna configuration. So basically, there can be a distinction in its services based on network conditions and environmental diversification.

How to Connect Zyxel Router with PC

In the first step, connect all the imperative cables. Connect your router to the power supply by inserting the power jack on the back of your router. Press the power button if there is one available on your model. You will need a telephone cable and a splitter to connect your phone and the router to the telephone socket in your house. Now insert the telephone cable in the “DSL” jack on the router and, after that, connect the splitter.

Furthermore, connect the landline cable to the other part of the splitter and insert it into the wall socket. Connect your computer to the router by using Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. Go to the web configurator, and there you can change the name of the network under the “Wireless Network Name” or SSID. Scroll down to check the option for your password, which is already configured in your router. If you want to put another password, click on the “Apply” option and save the changes after completing the setup.

How to Access Zyxel Router Admin

Follow these instructions to access the interface of Zyxel router configurations.

For further configurations, start by connecting your router to the network either through Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. Then open the browser and enter the IP address of your router, i.e.,, one of the most common IP for Zyxel routers.

After that, the login page for the Zyxel router’s user interface will appear on the screen.

Enter the username and password and then press Enter to Sign in. Now after signing in, a window with all the configuration related references will open. Finally, now you can configure your router as per your need and preferences.

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Zyxel Router Login Password Reset

You can take these steps for resetting your Zyxel router.

Option 1. Open the web browser and enter the IP address of your router. Then on the appeared login page Enter Admin and password details to access the configuration page and apply it for the new password band. After saving the changes, you will see the WAN management page on the left side of the screen, and there you will see a blue menu bar. Now click on “Wireless LAN 2.4G”.  After this step, you will reach to the admin section of the 2.4GHz band of your router. On this page, you can change the network name or SSID and the password as well. Note that the option “generate password automatically” needs to be UNCHECKED before you reset the password. Finally, you can reset the password or make other configuration related changes based on your preference. After completing the procedure, click on “Apply” to place the new configuration settings in effect. The same process applies in the case of 5GHz configurations for a password reset.

Option 2. If you forgot your login password, you could attempt hard resetting the router login. To carry out the procedure, press and hold the small black button, which you will find on the back of your router for ten seconds. The course will reset the router in factory settings. Now you can easily log in and reset your password.


If I have never changed my ID or password for Zyxel, what would be my login details?

In case you have never made id or password related changes in your router, you can’t remember the credentials. You can try to login by entering default login details to get access to your router. For instance, you can find the configuration page’s IP address on a sticker on the back of your router, i.e., Furthermore; you can try entering the following details:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: 1234

Can I change the default password that comes with my router?

Yes, you can. Log in to the router console with the currently used password, find and open the settings and then choose a new password. Also, you can perform these changes to the administrator user name and make your network more secure though some of the models don’t allow to perform this setting procedure.

What if I have additional questions about my login and router?

For the router details and the configuration related questions or if you have any other additional questions concerning your router setup, you can go through the ZyXel router manual to get all the details and answers. You can also log in to their official website, where you will see information regarding configurations and FAQs and the responses from other users of the router around the world.

Final Words

In simple words, it is essential to know about your ZyXel router. This knowledge can be an advantage to ensure that the security and accessibility of your router can’t be compromised while you use the network. You can read and apply the tips mentioned above to make changes in your router’s console based on your preference, whether it is the password, network settings, or any other configuration for that matter. We hope this post will be helpful to you while you configure the settings in your ZyXel router. Thank you for reading.

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