Admin Login, Username, Password, and IP

To be able to connect to the Internet, it is necessary to use devices called Routers. Routers allow connection between different networks, in our case between the Internet and ours. The routers can be either Wireless (without ethernet cable) or Wired (with Ethernet cable) and almost all have an IP address of or to be able to connect and Setup Router.

You can connect up to 253 devices to a router according to the 192.168.0.x configuration. You can choose the last value between 2 and 254. Using this to Ip address, your PC will able to communicate with each other. Now every Router has its default IP address which is listed on that router with its default username and password. There is some popular Router manufacturer like TP-Link. Netgear, Linksys, ASUS, D Link, etc.

What is IP address?

As we mentioned above, is a private IP Address which is used bu Routers and other networking devices. You can use this http // IP Address to login to Router and Access Router Settings.

Computer, router, and modem are popular networking devices we use nowadays. These IP addresses https//192.168.11 or 192.168.I.I are private IP which is only available for networking devices in Home and offices.

How to login IP Address?

You can use this login IP address for your Home Router. This IP Address is used to login to the Router. Here is a guide:

Step 1: First of all open any web browser on your PC or Laptop and then type Press Enter.

If you are using the ASUS Router then use or http://router.asus.com. Admin Login

Step 2: Now it will ask you a username and password. These username and password detail are provided by the Router manufacturer. You can check a list of default Router username and password.

Router IP Username Password
3Com admin admin
Belkin  -admin   admin
BenQ www. admin admin
D-Link admin   admin
TP-Link admin admin
Digicom admin mICHELANGELO
Linksys https// admin admin
Netgear admin password

Step 3: Enter your Router Default username and password and click on login.

You will see your Router Admin page. Now check the left side panel for other settings.

All the Router settings including Router Password, Wireless Password, Router SSID name, DNS, IP Address, Mac Address, and more seeings are there.

Default Router Username and Password List

If you can’t find your Router model in the above steps, then here is a complete list of Default Router Username and Password.

  • Click here

When you go to the administrative panel, you can modify the configuration settings of your Router. Just like admin, there are many other private IP addresses are there, such as:


We will cover these all IP address in Details in coming articles.

How to Use Ping Command?

To check that everything is ok, open CMD windows using Run > type cmd.

In CMD terminal window, type PING, if you see reply then everything is ok. Now just open any browser (chrome, firefox, edge etc …) and in the address bar type to access Router settings.

Rules For Choosing Router Password

  • NEVER use the Default Password
  • Do not use Password which is similar to the Username
  • Do not use the password which is similar to WiFi SSID Name

Final Words:

Hope you find this article very useful. If you are still wondering what is IP address, how to Login to Router and how to Reset Router then comment below.

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